Get on the List & be first in line!

Launching in 2020!

This year has sucked beyond all possible measures.

Be kind to yourself, get yourself a freakn gift.

A monthly reminder of how Freakn Awesome you are! 

What the fuck is this Freakn Club about?

Unite all of the Freakn Proud: Rebel moms, punk moms, weirdos, alternative women that have been told to shut up and sit down.

NO MORE listening to the assholes, telling you what they think you're worth. 

YOU are worth more than what any jerk face loser has to say about you.

Start accepting yourself. When you do this, others are going to recognize your awesomeness.

The Important Freakn Details

Each month a kick ass Freakn Tee will be delivered to your door. 

Each Freakn Tee will have that snarky, outspoken, in your face vibe that you are known for! 

Club Freakn Tees are Limited Edition & special pricing ONLY for Subscribers

Each Freakn design will be unique, printed and shipped that month ONLY.*


What if I don't want to subscribe but I still REALLY want that Freakn tee?

Well, my fren, *if* there are extras, they might be available on the site but I cannot guarantee your size will be available! 

When will my Freakn Tee ship?

Club tees will ship on the 25th of each month.

How long does shipping take?

Club orders ship First Class USPS. Shipping will get them to you in 1-7 days later depending on the USPS and where you live. 

When and How does the payment process?

You will be billed & charged on 18th of the month. Once you are subscribed, that's it. You will automatically receive a club tee every month. 

Can I cancel?

You can cancel any time. No hard feelings. Only FOMO.

Will I be billed for next month if I cancel?

Cancellations MUST be completed prior to the 18th to cancel for the up coming month.