Freakn Gift Card


During the Coronavirus pandemic, for each regularly priced item(s)* purchased, $5 will be donated towards the community to help others that need help with food, gas and miscellaneous other things. I am giving back to the community to do my part.

Items that Qualify for Donations

  • Freakn Tees (adults) - $25 regular-priced
  • Freakn Tees (tanks) - $25 regular-priced
  • Freakn Tees (hoodies) - $40 regular-priced
  • Freakn Tees Little Punks - $20 regular-priced
  • Freakn Leggings - $20 regular-priced

** Please refrain from using discount codes, if you're looking to help us help others. 

I am working on keep Fashion Freak operating and running to help customers, fans, Mother Punkers entertained and happy AF while together we get through this Shit Storm! 

I still have bills to pay and minions to feed in order to stay operational.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time!